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At The Office of Black Wealth Culture, we take your membership personally. We understand that your top priority is the success of your business, which is why our membership is meticulously tailored to support that goal. Your vision, your voice, and your focus become ours the moment you join. You'll hit the ground running with access to your dedicated project manager, who will be instrumental in helping you reach your business objectives. Together, we're committed to turning your ambitions into achievements.

We believe in a 'no excuses' approach, and we don't want membership fees to be a barrier to joining our community. That's why we offer customizable membership plans to fit your needs.

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This membership plan covers your entry into the community, including the initiation fee, access to a dedicated project manager, and a full 32 hours of support each month


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This membership plan offers the flexibility to pay a one-time initiation fee and then adjust your monthly dues according to your project requirements

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You might wonder what kind of project your dedicated project manager will propose. The answer lies in the unique needs of your business. Together, you and your project manager will assess your current situation and define your goals. Based on this understanding, a tailored project will be crafted, focusing on the most critical steps needed to propel your business forward. This collaborative approach ensures that the project is perfectly aligned with your immediate needs and long-term objectives.

Building on the collaborative approach of tailoring projects to your business's specific needs, here are some examples of projects that could be developed from this process:

If your goal is to enhance online visibility, a project might involve creating and implementing a comprehensive digital marketing plan, including SEO, content marketing, and social media engagement.

For businesses aiming to boost sales, a project could focus on reviewing and improving the sales process, using targeted strategies to attract leads, and enhancing how you follow up with potential customers.

A project for your project manager could encompass tackling all the pending tasks essential for getting your business operational and thriving.

Each project is a step from where you are to where you need to be, designed to address and overcome your specific business challenges.

Ready to uncover this hidden community and propel your business forward?

Start your transformative journey with us in just four easy steps and unlock access to dependable talent ready to support your business.

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We refer to our clients as 'members' to emphasize the community aspect of our service, where we offer chances to connect with others we serve.

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the office of black wealth culture

Attending this event is more than just a gathering; it's a powerful platform for us as business owners to voice our unique challenges, share our journeys, and engage in meaningful discussions with our peers. It's a celebration of our collective resilience and a testament to the strength of Black Wealth Culture." - Stephannie Kirby, Founder of The Office of Black Wealth Culture



Tuesday, May 28, 2024

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM est


Battle Room is designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anyone with a side hustle. It's perfect for those starting a new business, looking to grow an existing one, or balancing a career with their own venture.


Battle Room is a virtual event where participants join small group discussions to talk about their business challenges, think of new solutions, and plan for success. It's a close-knit setting with limited spots, so everyone gets a chance to participate and gain from the experience.


Join Battle Room and feel the strength of community support. It's more than an event; it's where you connect with others who understand your business struggles. Together, we'll turn challenges into victories and conversations into breakthroughs. As an attendee, this isn't just an opportunity—it's a personal invitation to a space where your growth is supported and celebrated.

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